"You can rely on us. We realize that successful co-operation is not a one-time event, but a partnership concluded for years to come."

Vítězslav Kotrs
Division Director, Microsoft Applications

Solitea in the Enterprise & Public segment

560+ annual turnover
in CZK millions
300+ talented
33 000+ yearly


We appreciate quality, a personal attitude and respect for the individuality of the client. Each of our projects is unique. For the project to be successful, it has to be based on cooperation with the client. We are also constantly deepening our knowledge of customer specifics.

With such demanding projects, it is clear that they cannot survive without changes being made to the original ideas. However, we have experience in dealing with such situations, and we try to prevent risk situations. Our clients appreciate this approach.


We have a large team of qualified staff dedicated to using all of their knowledge and experience gained by realizing demanding projects. Solitea has successful companies operating across Europe.

We are realizing dozens of projects on an ongoing basis. There is always a project that puts even higher expectations on us than we initially expected. These most demanding projects push us the most forward. We have been working in harness with our clients for years.


We think conceptually and set a clear vision for the future together with our clients. We see the future in the evaluation of data available to our clients. It even allows us to predict the behavior of their customers, for example.

Not only do we track current IT trends, but we come up with new themes to harness the potential that the information has for our customers’ success. Our solutions are here to give you a competitive edge over your competition. 

"Our collaboration with Solitea has made us change our habits and thinking. We are not just looking for new answers to old questions anymore, but we are now also asking completely new questions. And these are the sources of new inspiration for us."

Pavel Dvořák
IT Director, Čedok


We rely on experienced and renowned manufacturers of leading hardware and software solutions. For us, experience and expertise are a guarantee of quality. 

Thanks to our long-term collaboration and familiarity with our services and products on both sides, we are able to provide you with a tailor-made solution. 

How we work

„We often have to be ahead. We always begin work on the system in advance, because the legislation is effective from a certain date. Our experts monitor new statutory obligations. Similarly, we need to follow trends in different areas of business. So we are also a business consultant for the customer and strive to be an equal partner."

"Show us a team of people that will work on our new system. This is what they told us in Finland. That is a crucial point to them. We had to prove that we have capable people, and not just on paper. They all went through interviews, and any change of a person in the project must now be approved by the client." 

"We have frameworks created for various areas. Solutions that we have created thanks to 20 years of experience. They are the first building block used for implementations both at home and in foreign countries. We thus have a prepared tool that is the basis of success together with our knowledge of the given subject."

"Not only do we monitor current IT trends, but we come up with new themes ourselves to harness the potential of information for the success of our customers. Our solutions are here to give you an edge on your competition."

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